EasyPal is the work of Erik VK4AES from Australia.

Erik - VK4AES is now a silent Key.

This software uses DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) encoding to allow the sending of image files over an HF or VHF using only 2.5Khz (same as voice). This is known as Digital SSTV. It works best when run on a 2 GHz or faster CPU with Windows Vista. It also runs on most fast PC's with Windows XP, Vista AND the new Windows-7. It is designed to be easy to setup and use. It is a FREE program, and still in beta testing.

DRM as used in Easypal, allows very fast data transmissions with error correction, enabling very accurate decoding, and a means to request missing blocks, this is all done within Easypal, and very simple to do. Images up to 1280x1024 are sent in a little over 1 minute, Easypal does compress images to shorten transmission times, but you have the ability to adjust the compression if unwanted artifacts are present in the image.

This page displays the latest DRM SSTV images received by me on HF - 14.233 Mhz OR 7.173 Mhz using the Easypal software, by VK4AES

See Eric - VK4AES talk about his program in this  [ VIDEO ]

EasyPal can be downloaded  [ HERE ]

Digi-Sites , a program, written by Dick - W3WVG which allows you to see the stations that have received your pictures can be downloaded  [ HERE ]

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